21 September 2011

My boyfriend's new pet

On Saturday my boyfriend texted me saying, "I've got a new pet! It's not quite as good as a dog, but it'll do for now."

Great, I thought. Maybe he's finally decided to buy me a mini pig or micro hedgehog! "What is it?" I replied.

"A venus fly-trap called Mr T."

Of all the things I expected him to say - and he comes out with some pretty random stuff - this wasn't on the list.

Sure enough, half an hour later he arrived home with two fly-eating plants. Facing me, he said seriously, "This one's Mr T. This one's Rex. Together they are T-Rex."


He refused to let me separate them (apparently they're a team) and jumps up excitedly every time a fly buzzes through the window - which he now insists on keeping wide open to feed his new 'pets'.

And guess what? So far we've caught no flies.

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